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Aislinn update 7/21/11

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21-Jul-11 9:25 am

Hello ladies! I haven't been on here in a while due to computer issues but wanted to share our excitement with everyone now that I'm back. Aislinn now has 2 teeth, front bottom ones, and let me tell you the 2nd one was so much easier coming through than the 1st one was. Also on July 5th she started sitting unassisted!!!! Well sort of, we have to put her in the sitting position and she is fine but has not figured out how to get herself there yet. Anyway it's a huge development for her! Her physical therapist was so pleased. I cried the first time she stayed up on her own. lol  She is still not crawling but rolls all over the house making great escapes. She made it to our bedroom the other day and the next day got to the front door. lol. We got her 1yr pictures taken, I will post some, and we also took some at the park a couple weeks ago. That's all for now, we have a cardiologist follow up next month so I'm anxious to see how that goes. Hope you enjoy the pictures and have a great day ladies!

Aislinn Maria 6/13/10 IUGR and T21 (PDA repaired 2/23/11 and officially off oxygen 4/28/11)

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