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Vasectomy Pregnancy here again

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21-Jul-11 7:01 am
Ok, I'm back. I'm the one who's hubs had a vasectomy in February, and I just found out I am pregnant - got pregnant in June. I already have 3 boys, so I lingered on this sight during my last pregnancy, hoping for a girl. Needless to say, I did have another boy. Well, since I'm now inevitably pregnant with this COMPLETE surprise baby, we are of course getting all the "Oh, this must be your girl". And, we can't help to think that way too, because of the circumstances. However, I am realistic and do realize that my chances of having another boy are probably very great, since I already have 3 boys. But, until my hubs goes to a specialized to find out if the vasectomy started "growing back" or there was just lingering sperm that they missed in the testing . . . we won't be sure. However, I can't help but think that maybe since the sperm could be "old", that maybe this is my girl after all. Goodness, wouldn't that be a wonderful surprise and an incredible story?! Another factor . . .both my hubby and I are 36, and I know the older you are, the more chance of having a girl too. Ok, sorry for venting and rambling, just trying to make sense of this all. Would love your thoughts on this!!

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21-Jul-11 7:17 am
Just wanting to say Congratulations on your bfp! I hope you get a lovely pink surprise!

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21-Jul-11 7:47 am
Wow, whatever this child may be you know they are destined for you and are very special x

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21-Jul-11 7:57 am

Omg congrats! You are so blessed! I hope you hear pink! I'm praying my tubal grows back or sperm sneaks throughHappy Wink


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29-Jul-11 9:48 am

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31-Jul-11 2:16 am
This is a beautiful little miracle and story. xoxo Heart

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31-Jul-11 5:04 am

 Same thing has just happen to me... DH had his in may and i found out today i am once again expecting.


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