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20-Jul-11 10:29 pm
Did any of you drink caffeine while TTCing your Boys? I have heard so many mixed review about if caffeine sways boy and was curious. Most of the Moms with boys I know drink soda or coffee more than anything else.. I appreciate any thoughts :)

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21-Jul-11 4:02 am

i have 2 boys and i dont drink coffee at all and only drink decaff tea! i do drink the odd diet coke or pepsi but not even one a day hope that helps x

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21-Jul-11 4:03 am


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21-Jul-11 4:54 am

 The only caffeine I had was in green tea-which I drank tonnes (6 cups per day) of, but no coffee or coke at all what so ever xx


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21-Jul-11 2:45 pm

 I drank a lot of regular pop when I was ttc my boys. I was drinking a lot of diet pop when I conceived my DD.

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21-Jul-11 4:25 pm
I have 2 boys and drank lots of coffee and diet soda while concieving them...also diet high in carbs. I only BD on ovulation day and not much up until then. Pregnant now and swayed for a girl, but we'll see in Dec.!

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21-Jul-11 4:33 pm

No coffee or caffeinated pop with any of them


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21-Jul-11 6:41 pm

No coffee but plenty of diet coke.

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22-Jul-11 5:20 pm

No caffiene for me but I do like salty, tomatoey foods...and I like soda that is caffiene free.  I also love chocolate!

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22-Jul-11 5:23 pm
I have three boys and not a big coffee drinker. I also don't drink hardly and pop and tea is decade. Fyi

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23-Jul-11 11:39 am
I have three boys and I drink tea all day long (approx 10-15 cups a day) and also love coke x

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23-Jul-11 12:24 pm
i drink alot of coke and dr.pepper and have 3 boys and currently prego with a girl so i dont think it sways.

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23-Jul-11 10:49 pm

I have two boys and drank lots of caffiene while TTC. But I think the reason I have boys has more to do with the fact that we BD'ed on O day. We weren't swaying (I didn't know anything about swaying then). I get a pain in my side when I O and we were just plain ole TTC so we went with it and go boys!

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24-Jul-11 12:08 am
Ds 1 I was a big dr.pepper drinker, I drank it all the time, I don't like coffee and I like the way decaf tea taste better than caffeinated tea so I always drank decaf tea but a buttload of dr.pepper lol as soon as I got pregnant with ds1 my love for dr. Pepper went out the window, I still can't drink it, went on diet and started eating healthy after I gave birth, I drink mostly water, sometimes decaf tea but mostly water, I would be a vegetarian if it wasn't for chicken lol and I still managed to have 3 more boys lol now for the raising progesterone for girls and estrogen for boys, that makes sense, but the whole caffeine and diet stuff I don't believe lol I came on here after ds3 and read the girl diet dos and donts and then the boys diet and my regular diet is more girly thanthe boys diet and I got 4 boys lol but some swear by it nd that's awesome if it worked for them :) gl
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1-Aug-11 5:06 am
hi lilsunshine, I drink a lot of coke (i cut it out during PG and breastfeeding tho) and I've got 4 boys. So maybe there is something to be said for caffeine = boys.
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