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Anyone here older than 37 had success from 0+12??

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13-Jul-11 11:18 pm
I had this in the main forum but Tamara suggested I might get some answers here. My question is: Desperate to find out if there's anyone else in my shoes??? Or do you know of anyone who had success older than 37? Have tried searching the old spreadsheet (which isn't fully up to date) but there are only a few on there and NONE of them did a pure 0+12. There are plenty of girls in there too though that have not listed their age. Is there hope for me???


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31-Aug-11 5:57 am
No, most MMs give it up after months and months of no luck or they modify sway in other ways. You just have to be willing to try for awhile and keep what is important to you, drop what is not.

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31-Aug-11 6:37 am
Not really a pure 0+12 but I did include an 0+12 Which was actually 0 + 8 closer to that I think? But also had a 2 day cut off as well so I don't know which batch fertilized though! I did this when I was 40 surprised to find a bfp on my very first ever sway attempt:) so I think it's possible! My sway was successful :)
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