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As asked Coldwater i have attached video. Girl or boy??????? Thankyou

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13-Jul-11 8:25 pm

13wk 1 day measuring 13wk 4 days.I have some new images of little bub if you wouldn't mind commenting on. In some photos there seems to be something  on top of the nub, but to my amature eyes it seems to be part of the leg. Reallly would love to know your opinions. Happy

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Ultrasound Gender Prediction
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13-Jul-11 8:59 pm

 I'm no expert, but I'm thinking boy Baby Bear Boy ....


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13-Jul-11 9:33 pm
Not a tech, but leaning boy (slight)

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13-Jul-11 10:29 pm

Thank you for you guess. With a couple of photo's i got mostly girl guesses and then my short video i got some boy thoughts as there seemed to be a white mark above the nub.... i wondered if that was the leg in the back ground??? I'm only guessing too. Time will tell but I am so impatient. Happy

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14-Jul-11 5:55 am

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14-Jul-11 6:19 pm

Hi McBub

Your shots are very similar to mine and I got girl guesses -  but they were only guesses as full nub shot not clear.

 My theory is that as our babies are measuring further ahead (mine was measuring 13wks 4 days too) the nub has already started forming into genitalia.  Yes this very well may be wishful thinking, and I am absolutely no expert!  But if you look through the confirmed girl nubs, you will notice that the girl nubs at 12 weeks are much more pronounced and once you get over 13 it is harder to make them out.

 Perhaps a sono can chime in!  I am still thinking about boy names and am half expecting a boy, but it's fun to think about the possibility of a girl.


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14-Jul-11 6:51 pm
i'm going to vote Baby Bear Girl!

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14-Jul-11 7:55 pm
I'd actually lean girl, good luck!

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18-Jul-11 11:44 am
Thankyou, anymore?

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18-Jul-11 7:41 pm
Not a tech, but I'd say girl! Looks very flat and pretty darn straight to me! GL....

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18-Jul-11 9:25 pm
Baby Bear Girl
Baby Boy Baby Boy Baby Girl

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22-Jul-11 5:22 pm
Thanks for guesses!!! Would loove some more.

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22-Jul-11 8:08 pm


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23-Jul-11 3:58 am
Sorry, Bump

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23-Jul-11 5:01 am
i'm no pro...but i would guess Baby Girl
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