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Comments from Strangers

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13-Jul-11 5:24 pm

but after three miscarriages, I'm so happy it's healthy. It's just the comments from others, usually unintentional, that get me feeling upset. Anyone had this experience? How did you cope?

Exactly this! I would say exactly that. "After 3 miscarriages, I'm so happy it's healthy". That will make them leave you alone. Because when it comes to dealing with miscarriage, GD can look petty to them when they know you have suffered so much loss. I had to deal with this with my SIL. My husband has 2 sons and my SIL assumes that he wanted a girl with my last pregnancy (which he did but he never told her). Even after our precious boy arrived she came over and was looking at him and said, "He's so cute. But my brother really wanted a girl right?" I just told her, "actually no, he's very happy with our son." Now SHE is pregnant and made it no secret that she wants a boy so bad. She finds out next month. I think she just puts her own GD on others.

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