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Can somebody please tell me that your DD(s) aren't always just perfect little princesses....

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20-Jul-11 11:36 pm

[HUGS].Hearts I've deleted my post - because now that I look back on it, it does sound really insensitive. I wasn't referring to your original question, I just wanted to answer JJ49's question...

I know how your feeling (I felt the same way not long ago myself) - but I don't know what to say that will cheer you up hunny. Sad

Thanks, MyWish, not to worry. You didn't need to delete your post... I guess I was just saying that, unfortunately, there are loads of us on this board whose GD is still very real and very raw.... I'm sorry if I seemed rude at all.... To be perfectly honest, I'm very happy for you (honestly!) but I'm so envious at the same time! Oh, how I would love to say "my daughter".... (sigh). I seem to have had quite a big setback with my GD lately and I guess I'm just sensitive. Wish I knew what to do to just get over it (or find the secret to having a daughter! We swayed hard but DS2 had other plans!!!! Wouldn't trade him for the world though....) Hugs back to you and thanks for understanding....