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Can somebody please tell me that your DD(s) aren't always just perfect little princesses....

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19-Jul-11 1:18 pm

I think they are just talking from their experiences w/ their own kids. There are boys and girls closer to their dads than moms and vice versa, like again, it's all on personality and character, not on gender.  I'm much closer to my dad than mom btw.

"I'm so happy and grateful I have a DD so I can appreciate my boys more".... etc. etc. I mean, OUCH. I'm sure I would feel the same way.... EXCEPT I DON'T HAVE A DAUGHTER!!!! That was the whole point of my post!!!!!!! I was just looking for some simple responses because I was having a tough day. Yikes. Again, thanks to all who read my post and responded to exactly what I posted.....


Yea I don't understand that statement. What does a girl have that makes you appreciate boys more? Tongue Tied Don't know if it rubbed me the wrong way but I took it as if you don't have a daughter, you won't be happy with your family? Or if you don't have a son, you won't be happy with your family of all girls? Not necessarily true at all, what kid you have in your life, boy or girl, they will amaze you in one way or another. It doesn't matter if you have a single gendered or mix gendered family..they are all your kids and they will sparkle a sense of pride in you through their acheivements, success and love. And I agree with Mom2RJA, I wish everyone can be guranteed at least one of both genders to realize that stereotypes and all those ridiculous generalizations about boys and girls are never 100% true..just the other day some old lady was making pity comments behind the back of a woman who was spending time with her two boys and she said something on how girls are better, and the woman herself seemed really happy with her family, kind of sad.


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