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Twin B not growing as fast... Thoughts?

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12-Jul-11 5:39 pm
I am hoping that someone might have this experience.. Good or bad. My 1st us was at 6w2d - Twin A measured 6w1d Twin B measured 5w7d. Both good hb Had another us yest at 7w5d Twin A measures 7w5d hb 160 Twin B measured 6w6d hb 148 Twin B sac was a lot smaller I have now increased my eating and protien hoping that this will help twin B Has anyone had any experience with a situation like this? Thanks! X

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12-Jul-11 8:47 pm

prayers for twin B. we lost ours but as you heard both hb's thats great news. i never heard the 2nd's hb. im not sure about sacs as our were identical and shared a sac but i heard that after hearing a good strong hb that chance of m/c drops. 148 is a great hb. good luck hun. 

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29-Jul-11 12:22 am

I have heard from many moms of twins that the second twin can be at least a week behind and everthing is normal. I have 22 month old twins and my DD-baby B was always a few days behind her brother, which ended up odd because she can out 7 ounces bigger then him. Do you know if they are identical? have they told you that you could be at risk for TTTS?

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28-Aug-11 11:18 am
My girls were always off on their measurments.  Both ended up being 100% perfect!  My Twin A is very dainty and w/ a much smaller build than her 2 second younger sister.  The discrepancy wasn't that big when I was that early on however.  But by delivery twin A was measuring 2 weeks behind her giant little sis.

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21-Mar-12 12:54 pm
I had my first ultrasound yesterday at 6w,3d and found out we have twins also. They are fraternal. Baby A is measuring 6w, 1d with a strong heart beat and baby B is only 5w, 2d with no detectable heart beat as of yet. We go back for a repeat ultrasound and I'm praying everything will be fine. The tech is warning us about the vanishing twin syndrome. Be thankful you heard two heart beats that's a great sign as I have heard the risk go down considerably after that. Good luck to you.

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