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first nurses visit- beta results and ?

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8-Jul-11 8:26 am

Had my first nurses visit- nothing too eventful but I begged them to draw a beta and when I go see the doc on the 12th im going to have to beg him to draw another. My appointment was yesterday at 4 weeks 5 days but just got my results.  They said it was 1652- anyone know how normal this is? I find charts with large ranges by week but Idk if those numbers are for the beginning of the week, the end or if the small-large is anywhere from beginning to end.


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8-Jul-11 9:09 am

I seems good, but I don't know for sure.

I'm sure my office won't do betas on me, I'd like to know though!!

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8-Jul-11 5:39 pm

I didn't have betas with my DS's but mine with my DD were: 4w2d: 485, 4w4d: 900; 4w6d: 2620. Also keep in mind that the actual number doesn't have much meaning. What really matters is if the numbers approximately double every 48 hours. So far so good it sounds like!

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8-Jul-11 9:22 pm

Great healthy numbers.Mine at 4weeks were 1800 & then at 4weeks 2 days 4950.Mine are unusually high but yours look fantastic.

Between 4 - 5weeks they like to see hcg between 100 - 465 so yours look great.

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