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How many dpo did you get a BFP?

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25-Jan-08 12:46 pm
How many dpo did you get a BFP with your sons? daughters?

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25-Jan-08 12:56 pm

 Can't comment on ds1 cos I didn't test till later on but with ds2 it was 21 days past O ( 4 days after AF due). There is a theory that a late positive indicates a boy which is true for me but then I have nothing to compare it too.

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25-Jan-08 2:36 pm

14 dpo and I'm preg with a boy

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25-Jan-08 2:52 pm


plus 2 more beautiful boy

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26-Jan-08 7:18 pm


I have 3 boys, last two bfp came 3-4 days past af due cd17/18

now 13dpo and had a bfp at cd 10

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26-Jan-08 8:05 pm

13 dpo, 11dpo, and 14 dpo (waited)

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26-Jan-08 8:45 pm

 I think ds#1 was 14 dpo. Ds#2 I don't remember. With this one it was 9 dpo.

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26-Jan-08 8:57 pm

for those of you that tested early did you get a faint line or dark? if faint, how faint? 

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27-Jan-08 3:45 am


with the first 4 i went to the docs, hpts were pretty much unheard of back thenStick out tongue

my 5th i tested wheni was one day late DS line was half strength 6th i was 11dpo light line both DS`s this pregnancy i tested + 9dpo faint

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27-Jan-08 4:06 am

With all my boys I usually got one 2/3 days before AF due.

With my last DS I was surprised to get a BFP 4 days before AF.

With this one I am not due AF till tomorrow (28 day cycle) but have had BFP's since last monday. If I O around day 14 then that is only 7 dpo.

Either I must have O early or there is two in there - DOH!!!

Hope the early BFP = DD theory is correct.... it could be my baby girl coming to meet us!!Pray

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27-Jan-08 5:09 am

DD#1 13 dpo

This one 11 dpo.....Pray its another pinky

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