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5th time lucky???


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5-Jul-11 12:54 pm
Well I had my scan today, everything is fine with the baby and still measuring to my dates. When I asked if she could see what it was she showed me the 3 white lines and said she thought it was a girl, when I asked how sure she was she said she thought it looked like a girl but wouldn't paint the room, agghhh I asked for a potty shot but they don't let you have them which is frustrating, everyone around me seems really excited but i'm just struggling to believe it especially after she said she wouldn't paint the room. The only thing that makes me abit more happier is that I know they have only in the last year started telling people, so maybe it's just them being overly cautious. After 4 boys I so hope their right, trying to get hubby to agree to a 4d scan next month to confirm things, hopefully my family is now complete :-)