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Advice needed for an UNPLANNED emergency homebirth

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4-Jul-11 10:41 pm

Do not clamp or cut the cord. There is no reason to cut the cord, and this in fact prevents the baby from getting all of his/her blood. The only reason to clamp the cord is if you are going to cut it (the baby will lose blood through the cord stump if the cord is cut without being clamped or tied). With my home births, we did nothing to the cord until after the placenta was delivered. Then the midwife tied the cord with cord tape before my husband cut it. A lot of people request delayed cord clamping/cutting even in the hospital.

Is there a midwife who could get to you faster than you could get to the hospital? Would you consider a home birth with a midwife if that is possible? I know a hospital birth is your first choice, but I think a home birth would be much better than an emergency birth by the side of the road. I know I am speaking as someone who chose a home birth, but a roadside birth sounds like a nightmare to me, while I absolutely loved my home births. Even if you can't get a midwife there in time, a home birth doesn't have to be an emergency. It's great that you and your husband are preparing for this possibility. I think you might get more reassuring information if you look at material from the planned unassisted childbirth community instead of "emergency home birth" materials. It's a different mindset.


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