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Freya's birth story

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28-Jun-11 3:37 pm

Here is the birth story of our precious baby Freya Louise:

 I was having a check up on Thursday with my midwife friend and bought in some cakes for us to eat as was my normal routine! I was feeling good but when I arrived at the hospital I felt I needed to have a poo!! Embarrassed(TMI warning for this story!!!) Anyway I was having my blood pressure checked and she said that it was really high. I explained I suddenly was feeling really uncomfortable and that I needed a poo! She rechecked it and then disappeared to get some advice. I was waiting for her to return and thought i cannot wait any longer and went in search for toilet!! When I came back feeling slightly better she was running around looking for me in a panic! I just said I went to the toilet and she said i must come now as an emergency ambulance had been called to take me to the main unit!!Doh! I was whisked onto a stretcher and kept saying that I felt this was a bit over the top I only needed a poo (which the paramedic thought was hilarious!!)Happy ROFL and moaning I hadnt had my cake! Well we got in the ambulance and unsurprisingly my BP had risen and they decided to blue light me to the main unit!! I was ringing my DH on the mobile and trying to explain what was going on! When I arrived they took me straight to the labour ward where they took my BP every 5 mins and monitored the baby and took blood/ After about an hour they decided I wasnt an emergency but needed to stay in overnight. I was transferred to the ward where I was barely seen which was almost funny after all the drama! They took my BP every 4 hours and it was settling well after my poo!! The bloods they took came back ok except they said I had low platelets. On Friday they decided I would be able to go home and return every other day for BP and baby monitoring and to take some BP lowering tablets. I was feeling a bit unhappy about coming in and out as it takes nearly an hour to get to the main unit so I decided to call my midwife friend and ask her to ask my own consultant what he thought. Well he hit the roof! He telephoned the ward and told them they must induce me that night!!! I was then in shock again!! That evening they came to give me the gel to start me off but said i was already 2cm and thinning out and she gave me a very big stretch and sweep!Surprise They decided that they would take me down to the labour ward in the morning to break my waters. The next day (the sweep did nothing) i was eventually taken down to labour ward (it took ages to get there as so busy). My midwife friend broke my waters at 2.45pm and then they gave me my strep b antibiotics IV. After an hour they started off the drip Syntocinon and kept increasing it until i had regular contractions. Although I was hooked up to drips and baby monitor I had enough cable length to sit on my birthing ball and keep active birth positions. I had my TENS machine on for pain (natural pain relief machine over in uk). My DH was amazing and rubbed my back really deeply too.Hearts I then started to feel near to pushing and got into all fours position on the bed and started the gas and air. The contractions were so intense and painful but my body sort of took over and she was born at 7.14pm. I didnt need any stitches although I have a small tear. She weighed 8lb exactly. The after pains were pretty awful! I was so over the moon and in love with her though I would do it all again to have her! Love Ya!Not that I intend to do it again! YuckI then had to stay in two nights to check my BP settled and baby was ok for strep B observations.

So there you have it! All my gory birth details and some funny moments too! All that is left is for some pics of my beautiful daughter!

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