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28-Jun-11 10:48 am
Ok I left off with egg retrieval which yielded me 8 eggs 6 mature and 5 fertilized and 4 out my 5 frozen made the thaw so 9 made it to biopsy. Unlike many of you ladies I cannot do GSN because of the testing for the single gene mutation but luckily I can test for gender. Anyway just got the call we have one unaffected female and one unaffected female but "not with high accuracy" so my head is spinning on what to do with this one female, I just put in a call to Reprogenetics to discuss, my RE stated that I can transfer but they would want me to do a CVS/amnio. I am so torn on what to do I would hate to discard a possible good female!!! I am typing this from my IPHONE so sorry if it looks distorted as my husband drives to midtown Manhattan where the transfer will take place! Any advice? WIsh me luck!

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