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Erricson - First IUI today, Wish me Luck

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2-Jul-12 8:53 pm

 Hi All,


I had not posted in a year now.  Here's what happened with me.  My uncle is a OBGYN; but backhome.  So last summer we went back home for vacation and we had the Ericsson method.  As others said, there was a slim chance to get pregnant and i had ust one chance since i had to be back in the states.  The results was Not pregnant :(  the good thing was that i paid $0.  My uncle didnt charge me nothing.  Back in the states and on our own now we decided to try the natural way.  It was our only choice.  So hubby and I got serious about it. We timed it. I purchased the ovulation Kit and once I got the smiley face :) we tried twice, that night and the next morning.  From what i read if you try very soon and you hadnt ovulated yet the chances are higher for a girl.  we didnt try more than that and we waited.  I was so excited to take the pregnancy test and it was POSITIVE.  So first step done...I am pregnant now and i was left to see if that method worked.  I had to wait for the 20 weeks ultrasound, i was so overwelmed and i couldnt sleep the whole night.  This is going to be our 3rd and last. That's what hubby and I decided, whether it is a girl or boy, that's it.  I Love my girls to death but i also wanted a boy from all my heart.  We went for the ultrasound and they said it is a BOY. I couldnt believe it, i was so happy that i started crying.  The doctor made sure to show us so we have no doubt it is a boy :).  My baby is due in a month. I really wish you all get what ypu heart desire.  Just dont stress about it and above all PRAY about it and ask from all your heart and you should get it.  By the way my sister is also pregnant.  she has two boys and wanted a girl and she followed the same method for how to get a girl and she is having a GIRL this month.  Good luck to all of you ladies!!!!!