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16 week potty shot..what am I having???

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24-Jun-11 8:50 pm
These shots are from 16 wks in may..I go for my a/s on June 30th.  THe tech said it was a girl and labeled the shots as such.  The more that I look at them the more confused as to why she labeled them so.  The look nothing like most shots I see and they look nothing like my daughter's gender scan.  What the tech labeled as girl parts seems to be a leg crack and the lines lines that appear seem to look like leg lines  with a possible scrotum in the middle.  What do yall think? Am I going insane?  Thanks for looking.
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24-Jun-11 8:51 pm
heres another
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24-Jun-11 8:53 pm
Looks like a girl!

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24-Jun-11 9:04 pm

Most likely girl. Baby Bear Girl

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24-Jun-11 9:12 pm

 looks like a lot of girl shots i've seen. :)



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24-Jun-11 11:37 pm

I love my family!

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25-Jun-11 2:36 am

Looks like a Baby Bear Girl to me

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25-Jun-11 3:20 am

 Looks like a girl. Looks nothing like my 16 week boy shot.

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25-Jun-11 4:42 am
does anyone have or know of anywhere I can find shots that look like mine?  I am not in denial or anything I just cant see 100% girl.  I don't see the 3 lines like my daughter had on her u/s and what the tech is pointing on both pics to as girly parts is a leg split, not labia from what I can see.  Can anyone explain what they see? Thanks for all your responses as well. 

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25-Jun-11 6:30 am

 Baby Bear Girl


Heres a girl pic I found online


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25-Jun-11 7:21 am

Baby Bear Girl 

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25-Jun-11 7:52 am

Most likely girl. The shots are taken from a bit further back towards the spine which is why they aren't imaging as the 3 clear lines.  I hope that helps :)

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25-Jun-11 9:10 am

I had a shot like that with my first daughter....Id say for sure girl


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26-Jun-11 3:26 am
Thanks everyone for your input...I'll update thursday providing the baby cooperates.

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26-Jun-11 3:41 am


The shots are taken from a bit further back towards the spine which is why they aren't imaging as the 3 clear lines.  I hope that helps :)

I agree. Baby Bear Girl
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