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OMGoodness! ITS A BOY!!! Confirmed! NEW PICS! Calling all Nubists!! : ) Thoughts PLEASE!!!!!

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22-Jun-11 2:58 pm

************ we just got our results back from CVS! Its a boy!!!! OMGoodness I am so excited! I have 3 girls and finally a little Prince!! You all guessed right on the money! I am going to post in confirmed boy nubs! hehehehe.....Thanks All!!!************

***NEW PICS on bottom of Page 2**** 

 Any guesses for me. This is my little peanut at 12weeks0Days! If I stare at this pic any longer its going to burst into flames and burn my eyebrows off!! LOL....anyone take a gander?

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22-Jun-11 2:59 pm

 2nd pic Boy oh BOY! Happy Smile xx

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22-Jun-11 3:08 pm

Thanks PixieCat! Thats what i think too! Anymore guesses? Pretty please??


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22-Jun-11 3:10 pm
Baby Boy

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22-Jun-11 3:11 pm

Baby Bear Boy

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22-Jun-11 3:15 pm


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22-Jun-11 3:52 pm

I sense a theme here! LOL....yay! I hope it ends up being a boy!! Thanks for the guesses? Anymore Nubists?


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22-Jun-11 3:59 pm

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22-Jun-11 4:27 pm
boy lean from me
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22-Jun-11 4:29 pm
Hi NayNay, am also guessing BOY! Second shot shows a pretty straight spine and if that's the nub I see, it's pointing upwards x

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22-Jun-11 4:29 pm

 Boy o Boy!

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22-Jun-11 6:08 pm
Baby Bear Boy

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22-Jun-11 6:36 pm

I'm 50/50.


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22-Jun-11 6:53 pm
Baby Bear Boy!

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22-Jun-11 7:05 pm

Baby Bear Boy

Baby Bear BoyBaby Bear BoyBaby Bear BoyBaby Bear GirlBaby Bear GirlBaby Bear GirlBaby Bear Boy & another little Baby Bear Girl princess due in October 

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