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20-Sep-11 2:57 pm

Classic movie queen. Question for you. This is first pregnancy that I am going to work really hard at a natural la or an birth experience. How do you do it? Unassisted and at home? Any tips? I am also really curious to know if labor and contrax are more painful with piton than with a natural labor?

Great decision to go natural! To answer your question, yes, I give birth unassisted, at home. Are you planning a home or hospital birth? Because my advice would vary depending on location. Some women will tell you that natural labor and pitocin-augmented labor are no different, but from every experience I have heard (and my own), that is not the case at all. My first birth, where I had pitocin and an epidural, was horribly painful. My natural labors and births (especially my last one, at home) have been amazing.

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