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He's here!

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21-Jun-11 4:15 pm

My 4th little man arrived on June 14th. He was 10lbs 9oz and we finally decided on Benjamin. We are all in love with him.

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21-Jun-11 4:17 pm

awww he is very handsome!! big congrats on your big boy!!Happy Celebrate

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21-Jun-11 4:24 pm

Aww!!!! He is so cute!! Congratulations on your little man! Happy Celebrate

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21-Jun-11 4:31 pm

What a cutie!!! Congrats!

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21-Jun-11 4:33 pm

What a precious baby!! Congrats!

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21-Jun-11 9:02 pm

Just look at those big gorgeous eyes!!! I just want to squeeze him he's so darn cute!!!

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22-Jun-11 12:53 am

Congrats, He's so cute!

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22-Jun-11 12:54 am

Whoa... big boy!  He is really cute!  What a great picture, too!  Makes me think I need a new camera...

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22-Jun-11 1:08 am

1 congratulations 2 he's adorable and 3 HOW DID YOU HAVE A 10 POUND BABY?! LOL

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22-Jun-11 3:35 am
Wow he is a beautiful bouncing boy! Congratulations and give him a big ole squeeze from me!

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22-Jun-11 3:48 am

Congrats!  He is adorable.  Love the name Benjamin btw.

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22-Jun-11 6:21 am

Aww he is SOOOOOO cute!!! CongratsBaby Bear Boy

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22-Jun-11 11:11 am

what a big beautiful boy!!!!!!! Congratulations and great job on the 10 pounder mama!

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22-Jun-11 11:48 am

Thank you so much. I give credit to my DH for size, he was 10lbs 13oz. My last was 10lbs12oz so I was actuallty surprised he wasn't bigger! He still looks so tiny to me.  

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22-Jun-11 4:41 pm

 He is so precious! Congrats on your sweet little bundle! Happy Celebrate

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