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Hello ladies! Intro and looking for reassurance!

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20-Jun-11 6:54 am

Hi Ladies!  My name is Angela, and I'm 33 years old, pregnant with my second child.  My first little girl was stillborn at 32 weeks last Halloween.  It was absolutely heartbreaking.  We miraculously conceived in February this year and are expecting another baby November 10!  We couldn't be happier...just praying for a healthy take-home baby this time.

I had an elective u/s done at 16w1d.  And I was fairly convinced.  But I've been reading so much about ladies who have had the elective ultrasound and then find out at the a/s that they were wrong, and it's got me all paranoid.  I honestly don't care if I get a little boy or girl, but I've bought quite a few NON-gender neutral things the past 4 weeks, and I hate not knowing!  I'm going to post some of the potty shots from the 16 week ultrasound.  Please give me your opinions!  You ladies seem SO informed on this sort of thing...I feel clueless!  TIA, and I"m looking forward to posting more on here and getting to know you guys!  I hate to just "jump in" like this...hahaha.

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20-Jun-11 6:55 am

And here is one more, though less clear, shot.

 TIA again!

Ultrasound Gender Prediction
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20-Jun-11 7:00 am

 Hi Angela,

So sorry to hear about your first baby. And many congratulations on this little on. I think you have a little girl in there. Will you find the sex of the baby out and if so when?

 Be nice to hear what your having :) Xx

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20-Jun-11 7:06 am

I am so sorry about the loss of your first daughter Sad.  Your new baby looks girly.  I hope everything goes perfectly with your pregnancy.

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20-Jun-11 7:08 am

I am so sorry that you lost your first precious little girl.

These pictures look very convincingly GIRLBaby Bear GirlHearts to me.  I pray that you have a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

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20-Jun-11 9:56 am


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20-Jun-11 12:15 pm

 Look like a little girl to me Happy

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20-Jun-11 3:17 pm

Looks girly to me too....

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