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My 6th gorgeous baby boy is here!

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18-Jun-11 5:08 am

Love Ya! Logan Kade was born on 15th june at 11.25am weighing in at 8lb 3oz Love Ya!.

He's totally gorgeous and is well worth the pain of the c-section.  Weve had some issue's with feeding but were getting there. Were all totally in love with him except for our 2 yr old who really isnt sure what to make of things.

Will add pics later when dh uploads them 

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And another  Baby born june 2011

  my failed girl sway that resulted in another beautiful baby boy

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18-Jun-11 5:32 am


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18-Jun-11 8:23 am

Congratulations on your baby boyHappy Celebrate Love his name!

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18-Jun-11 8:47 am
Congratulations x x

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18-Jun-11 10:35 am

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18-Jun-11 12:47 pm

So glad he's here safe & sound, Star! Huge Congrats on your new cutie..  Logan is DH name and I love it with Kade... Can't wait to see the pics!

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18-Jun-11 1:19 pm

Congratulations hun!! Happy Celebrate I love his name! Hearts


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18-Jun-11 2:36 pm

 Congrats on your beautiful baby!

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19-Jun-11 9:09 am

Congratulations!!!! i'm glad you guys are safe and healthy! Prayers for speedy recovery!

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19-Jun-11 10:47 pm

Yea!  Another June 15th baby!  I feel like crud still, so I cannot imagine how you must feel after a c-section. 

Awe... gotta give extra hugs to the 2 year old now.  My oldest two are 1 1/2 years apart, so I know how that is.  He will LOVE having that little brother at some point. 

Post the pictures when you feel a bit better. 

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21-Jun-11 4:10 pm


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21-Jun-11 4:41 pm


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30-Jun-11 3:46 pm

Congrats on your gorgeous baby boy. Hearts

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30-Jun-11 4:54 pm

He is so cute! Makes me feel very broody....

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30-Jun-11 5:46 pm
Congratulations star !! He is beauuuutiful!!!!!! Xx
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