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sodium levels - help!

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16-Jun-11 10:22 am
I am now into the third trimester with my 'oops' DC3. Have two boys and would love a girl..have remained team green through the pregnancy (though nub shot looked very girlie, which gives me some hope.) In terms of any kind of sway, I had been ill that month and lost some weight, but had also been on antibiotics. In terms of timing, I am pretty sure it was 0+12 as I had EWCM two days previously....

Anyway, was just looking over my notes and the blood test in the very early stages of the pregnancy (when I was like 5 weeks) says that my sodium levels were right at the top of the 'normal' range. I am vegetarian but do enjoy some salty bad is this?! Anyone have high sodium levels and still get a DD?


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17-Jun-11 11:23 am
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