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Anybody over 37 yrs had success with Genesis?

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26-Oct-11 3:30 am

Yes I mean Genesis, dr Savvas at Cyprus. Mainly due to the sperm sort he offers. I had two no transfer cycles locally and both ended NT due to fact that I had enough eggs but only couple of them were mature. First time 3, 2 normal girls stopped growing, second time 4, 1 boy plus 3 girls all abnormal. protocols were antagonist both times and my RE seems not to be willing to do any change. I am 38 next week. My local RE told me to wait at least 6 months to do the third cycle (second in June) as I had high dose of meds (350 iui of Puregon).

Honestly I am thinking of giving up, I just think meds do not do well together with my body and the outcome will not be any better.....


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