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Ella Madelyn is here!!

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15-Jun-11 4:28 pm

 Ella is here! Born on June 10th, 7lbs 2 oz and 18.5 inches long. Was induced at noon and had baby Ella at 3:56 pm after 5 minutes of pushing and no drugs/ epidural. 

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15-Jun-11 4:29 pm


Ultrasound Gender Prediction
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 Baby Bear Boy 2006    Baby Bear Girl due 6/16/2011

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15-Jun-11 5:26 pm


Ella is a dollbaby, LaurenRae! Congrats!!!  Happy Celebrate   Sounds like a great labor too...  Agree   Thanks for posting pics of your precious June baby! I love looking at all baby announcements, but these June babies that I've waited for so long seem extra special...Love Ya!   Enjoy, Dear.  What a blessing!

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15-Jun-11 5:33 pm

 Adorable! Congrats Baby Bear Girl

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15-Jun-11 5:40 pm
Beautiful big congrats!!!

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15-Jun-11 5:51 pm

 She's beautiful! Congrats!

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15-Jun-11 6:40 pm
She's gorgeous, congratulations x x

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15-Jun-11 10:58 pm


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16-Jun-11 6:35 am
Wow i am getting excited! Another beautiful baby born easily. So pleased for you!

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16-Jun-11 11:35 am

Beautiful little girl! So alert! I am impressed at everyones speedy labors so far! How great! Congratulations!!!!

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17-Jun-11 11:48 am

Congrats Happy Celebrate She's beautiful.

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17-Jun-11 11:55 am

What a doll!! Congratulations!Heart

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17-Jun-11 12:03 pm

ahhh she is so beautiful. i'm so envious x

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19-Jun-11 10:39 pm

Congratulations!!  She is so cute!  I love that everyone has had quick deliveries so far. 

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19-Jun-11 11:14 pm

 Congratulations Hearts

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