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12-Jun-11 5:21 pm

Just wondering how you are doing, haven't heard any updates from you in a while. Is everything okay? Melissa.


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11-Feb-12 8:00 pm

Heya :D I havent been on the boards for months, basicallt gave up ttc or sway....but havent used any protection either.

Im 43 and will be 44 this year and just today ive came back in the boards because i sit here finding myself 1 week late, massive sore boobs.

So i guess ill wait another week as im to petrafied to do a test, and do one then.


ill be in touch lol





Baby BoyBaby Boy

Just hanging round bit longer see where it all takes me.

ttc girl, see what happens.

Cant believe im still here really :/



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20-Feb-12 2:51 am

Any news tally?

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