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How long does the process take?

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11-Jun-11 9:25 am

I do not have any centers near me at all that does IVF/ PGD. I am in southeast georgia which is 4 hours from atlanta, and 5 hours from orlando. The closest facility is a 6 hour drive or more that seems like it has good success rates. I was wondering how long it takes to do one cycle. I have heard you have to be on meds and then it also takes days for them to do the genetic testing. I know I wouldn't be able to go on vacation for a long time. I am just wondering for those who are planning to travel or have already how everything goes.

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11-Jun-11 12:08 pm
You should be able to do your monitoring locally and then travel to the IVF clinic for a week to do ER and then 5 days later, ET.

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11-Jun-11 4:04 pm
I cycled out of town and we had to be in CA for 10 days. You can read about it in my blog. I had my early monitoring appointments at a local clinic. You should check out RBA in Atlanta. They do GS.

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11-Jun-11 5:08 pm

 Thanks! I always heard nobody in georgia does GS, so i will have to check that place in atlanta out. We are military so we can only get 10 days of leave at a time.

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12-Jun-11 2:29 pm

If it helps, you only need DH for his sperm sample, so most of the days off required will be for you.  If that helps with planning.


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12-Jun-11 2:55 pm

If your DH saves up his leave days they'll let him take more than 10, especially if you wait til the summertime for when kids are out of school, you can a least get 3 weeks. Good luck

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