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Who else is doing PGD for a boy?

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5-Jun-11 10:24 pm
Would this be the forum to chat about TTC a boy via PGD or is there a better one? It looked like the Swayed for a Boy forum is for only after you are pregnant. The swaying boards are low tech. I'd really love to find other mamas who want a boy since it seems like 90% of posters here are looking for girls. :) I have five girls and am looking for a boy this go around. It will be our last baby. We have met with a doc that does PGD. We are going to do preliminary testing either this month or next month so that we can start cycling in August. Our clinic offers a money back guarantee option for the cost of 2.5 cycles, but we won't know the package price until after we do our preliminary testing. Anyway, where do I find Team Blue? :)

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5-Jun-11 11:36 pm

Me me me!!!  We're doing the full chromosome analysis through GSN...with 7 frozen embryos from a previous successful IVF cycle.  I believe tomorrow or Tuesday they'll be doing the embryo biopsy, and I should have results in 2 weeks.  We're starting me on a mock cycle right away, but I don't intend to do a transfer until September.  

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6-Jun-11 4:19 pm

Most of the women here seem to have boys and are chasing a girl.......but if you look hard enough on any of the boards, you will find there are others like us wanting a boy.  This is definitely the right spot for high tech whether you want a boy or a girl.

I just wanted to wish you luck, and let you know that you aren't alone, I had my son 4 months ago, he was conceived via IVF/PGD - and I am sooooooooo happy that we went that way, we now have our son and are done having kids, and I have to say - he is a dream come true, he's amazing and definitely worth the emotional, financial rollercoaster that comes with the high tech journey!!!

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7-Jun-11 4:46 am
I have 2 daughters.......and TTC a boy by PGD.

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7-Jun-11 1:04 pm

where are you cycling?  I'm in the NW too...curious who offers a refund package...thanks!

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7-Jun-11 3:24 pm

 I'm not in the NW, just the west.  The facility is in Sandy, UT.

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7-Jun-11 7:20 pm
Hey ladies I too will be planning to do PGD for a boy summer of 2012. Since I am doing this much later down the road, because presently due for my girl in Sept. '11, it will be really neat to read how you guys faired and what advice you have to give to the rest of us. And I am soooooooo glad someone finally asked about who is looking to do PGD for a boy because I too felt like everyone here was writing about girls they wanted. :) I am in the northeast area so any feedback about clinics in MD, PA area would be nice.
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8-Jun-11 8:51 am

Hi all, I am doing HT for baby boy aswell. I have a 4 yr old Daughter & would love to have twins included in our family. I already had 2 failed cycles & still looking for a new RE. i am 28 & DH is 33.

 Five Girls, I read in the other forum, that you & your DH will be taking the baby steps starting from tomorrow. Good luck with all your pretesting.


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8-Jun-11 5:17 pm

Hey ladies- just a quick update... I found out today that GSN has finished building the DNA probe using me and my hubby's blood samples...and they're ready for our clinic to do the embryo biopsy!

Tomorrow, I have an appointment for a hysteroscopy, doppler and nurse visit- and hopefully they'll do the embryo biopsy tomorrow as well...and then I have 1-2 weeks to wait on results.  I'm soooo anxious.  Please let there be at least 2 healthy boys in those 7 frosties.

They're doing an entire mock cycle for me starting this cycle, then I'll have a rest cycle, then do the transfer in September I believe. 

Maybe we should have our own little thread going here since it seems there's a handful of us who are doing HT for a boy around the same time?

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8-Jun-11 10:41 pm
Hi Fivegirls.....I will be doing too! planning to start in december....wish we all get our boys!
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18-Jun-11 2:30 am
Hey...I'm also a member of team blue:) ....I just had my transfer yesterday and am now in the 2 week wait.....hoping for the best....good luck to u all in ur journey..hope we all get our boys


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18-Jun-11 7:28 am

Me we've just finshed our 2nd cycle for a boy and now in the 2ww, but i feel things are not looking good as I have has some spotting :( and a negative home test.

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18-Jun-11 8:01 am

Me we've just finshed our 2nd cycle for a boy and now in the 2ww, but i feel things are not looking good as I have has some spotting :( and a negative home test.

[/quote][quote user="samuel:

Me we've just finshed our 2nd cycle for a boy and now in the 2ww, but i feel things are not looking good as I have has some spotting :( and a negative home test.

Hey Dont lose many days has it been since u had a transfer and odis u transfer on day 3 or day 5 ? Someti es implantation spotting takes place anytime between 2-5 days after transfer...hopefully it's just that.... Tc


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18-Jun-11 9:48 am
Fingers crossed, samuel. Day 3 testing for me was normal as was Dh's SA. I have a saline sonogram on Monday. The nurse said I might have to postpone because I am anemic. :-/ I started supplements after she called. Hopefully my hemoglobin comes up so that we can move forward.

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12-Jul-11 10:20 am


I have two girls, we are thinking to do PGD for a boy.

Might consider doing it in July too... Pretty nervous as I have never done IVF. Let me know your thoughts.....

Love to hear PGD Success stories and healthy babies born thro this procedure.


Two girls and waiting for a little boy !!
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