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Waiting on results of PGD - did a IVF/PGD cycle and getting results tmw am. But, have a ?:

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4-Jun-11 5:26 pm

Hi everyone,

I am new to this site!  I had an egg retrieval on Tuesday and was disheartened to see that I got 10 eggs, but of those only 5 fertilized (tey said there were only 7 mature eggs). They aer now in PGD process and I was due to hear back today or tomorrow.

I have done one other round and last time got 6 eggs only, of which 5 fertilized and there was 1 very viable male and 2 other fairly viable males. (I am trying for a girl. I have 2 lovely sons, ages 7 and 5). I did that cycle about 2 years ago.

Anyway, I am feeling dismayed as it seems to me that it will be very difficult to get a healthy girl embryo out of 5 fertilized eggs (won't almost 1/2 of them be lost in the PGD process or no?). 

 I guess I am just looking for support- does anyone think it possible that with 5 embies 3 or so could survive PGD (how many embies does PGD destory typically?) and that 1 of these could actually be female? I guess because we already have 2 sons and last time I had 3 viables out of 5 and all were male (oh, and the other 2 nonviables were also male! i believe one that died v early on was female accdg to dr). Anyway, bc of all that I am feeling sort of worried that a girl embryo is a very longshot. I will consider it the most remarkable and happy miracle if we do get a girl embryo.

 I v much wish we could have done MS, but I am here in NYC and while the IVF clinic seems fantastic they do not, obviously, have MS. So, I am just hoping that some of my husband's sperm will be female and a female embryo will be created. For those of you who did PGD with MS, how did you do that? Did you do it at an MS facility? OR can you send teh sperm for an MS spin and have it sent back to the IVF clinic you are using? Sorry to be such an imbecile! You can very much tell I am a newbie!

I am sorry to come on here and just vent- epecially considering this is the first time we've "met"! It is beyond rude of me. I do hope to be a better in-gender participant in the future (and as I get used to the site), but I am clearly just a nervous wreck right now as I await these results.

Anyway, if any of you enormously kind and supportive souls can even make sense of this rambling message, I'd be so v grateful for any guidance or help you could give me. Specifically whether youve ever heard of someone with just 5 embies going through the PGD process and somehow getting a girl embryo out of that! Am looking for stories of success! :-) (hard to be positive given my last round with 5 embryos resulted in nearly all males). Are there people, based on your guys' knowledge of this board, who just produce only 1 gender of embryo??

Okay, thank you so very much, ladies. I am beyond thankful to any help you can give me. Sorry to enter the forum for the first time in such an emotionally fragile manner!


Mom to 2 wonderful boys, 7 and 5.