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Baby is nearly here

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5-Jun-11 8:27 am
I am very grateful for the replies that are helpful, rather than the two who obviously do not understand that it is not about being sexist,
You implied that men who have daughters are not "men enough" and I find this extremely offensive. And writing a note to your dad APOLOGIZING FOR HAVING A IS sexist and its also beyond stupid.
You really lost me with this thread. It is one thing to dream about a child of a certain gender and be disappointed about not getting one but entirely another to openly imply that one sex is just not good enough. Not good enough to the point of feeling the need to apologize for making a child of that sex. Next thing we know, you will require your daughter to write an apology note to yourself as well as the patriarchs of your ROYAL family (I am assuming) for not being a son and heir. This way she will be able to compensate somewhat for spoiling the family picture of Tyler MEN.
Let me tell you this. If you are unmanly it is not because you have produced a daughter but because you keep whining about it like a spoiled little girl who didn't get her candy, instead of getting over it like a real man should. Like real men do. My dad had 2 girls and no sons and my husband has one girl so far. Neither of them ever wrote stupid little apology notes, kept a diary of their "gender disappointment" , made their wives lives miserable on that account or ran complaining to a bunch of ladies to get their "support". Yes, you are not a man enough.
Before somebody jumps on me for not offering support. As a women and a mother of a girl, I can offer none to someone who thinks that producing girls is unmanly and worth apologizing for.
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