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Is there a nub in this picture?

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2-Jun-11 6:08 pm

Hi, i'm new at this but is there a nub in this picture? If so does it look like a girl nub or a boy nub?

Thanks for the guesses!


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2-Jun-11 6:12 pm

Baby Bear Girl

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2-Jun-11 6:13 pm

 im sorry for this posting on the forum 3 times, it said it hadn't posted so i did it again.

For some reason i can't delete the other 2 posts.

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2-Jun-11 6:42 pm

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2-Jun-11 8:01 pm

VERY girlie!!!Baby Bear Girl

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Make a pregnancy ticker

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2-Jun-11 9:03 pm

 Thanks for the guesses, i'm hoping for a girl!

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2-Jun-11 9:14 pm

 Leaning pink!



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2-Jun-11 9:52 pm

leaning pink

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2-Jun-11 9:57 pm

Baby Bear Girl 

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2-Jun-11 10:48 pm
Baby Bear Girl lean
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3-Jun-11 12:28 am

Baby Bear Girl

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3-Jun-11 12:48 am
Leaning pink.

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6-Jun-11 10:49 pm

wow everyone says pink!

I'll have to update in 22 weeks when we find out for sure!

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7-Jun-11 3:44 am

Baby Bear Girl

Mother to gorgeous boy born June 2010 and beautiful girl born Dec 3 due July yellow.....can't wait to meet you. Xxx

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7-Jun-11 4:22 am
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