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To believe them or not?

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2-Jun-11 5:30 am

 Hello ladies,

I have had 4 psychic readings and one astrology reading over the past 3 years. The first was before I fell pregnant with DS and she said I had a baby girl coming to me in Janurary.  DS was born in October.  Since then another psychic told me I had a baby girl coming in January and my astrologer said I would have a girl next AND 2 other psychic told me I would have a girl next (they all 'knew' or I told them I had a boy).  SO... I'm not a skeptic but I guess I'm not a total believer, as they have all said things that I highly highly doubt will come true... but it just seems they have all said girl?  I'm due end of Nov/ early Dec - so not quite Janurary but not that far off I guess.... could they ALL be off with the gender as well? I'm fine with either!

 Thank you!


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22-Jul-11 10:46 am

Just peeking through the posts and found yours...I definitely see boy around you...I find it hard to pick up girl though...probably because you don't believe it..LOL but that is is your energy...I will have to say boy though...the others may have been picking up on your desire for a girl...that comes off energy first....seems like an anterior placenta, which may prevent feeling a lot of movement until close to 20 weeks...and on December though...maybe the 1st.....with a BRIGHT SHINING SKY AND I want to look up full moons...I'll check and get back.




Nope...full on the watch the sky for some bright star action...or a symbolic bright star....might even be spiritual or religious...interesting.

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23-Aug-11 2:39 am
I don't believe on astrology and psychology.All the creation is the order of God.No one is not known its reality.
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