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not good - AGAIN

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5-Jun-11 3:38 pm

Hi. I am new to the board and just wanted to tell you I feel for you. I, too, just had a flop of a  cycle. Had 5 embryos to PGD and ALL came back abnormal! It is frustrating and heartbreaking. And I am so depressed as the nurse at the IVF center indicated that going forward this could likely happen again (Tho, fwiw, I conceived my 2 sons with no issues, did a round of ivf/pgd 2 yrs ago and had 5 embryos which ended up being 3 normal males and 1 abnormal. I understand egg quality declines with age- I just turned 38- but it seems a little insane to have it deteriorate SO quickly, no? To go from having 3 out of 4 normal to 4 out of 4 abnormal?!).

Anyway,  did your doctor indicate that trying naturally could work or that youd possibly  run into having no normal embryos (that is what the annoying nurse just suggested to me!).  I think I have it in me to try once more (using all the egg quality natural supplement enhancers that ppl here recommended) and then after that perhaps think about going back to natural (hoping that i still have some good eggs left!).

FWIW, I was shocked to get the news today that of my 5 embryos all 5 were abnormal once they went to PGD. Shocked. Frankly (and naively I guess) that wasnt even an outcome I'd considered?). I hope that there is somone on this board who had a bad cycle with abnormal embryos who went on to have a decent one. I'd take solace inthat.

Anyway, I am sure Ive been of no help, but just wanted to commiserate with you. I am speaking to my RE tomorrow (i hope) and will report back on what he says. He is oneof the most respected RE's in NYC (for all the good that did me!) so maybe he'll have some wisdom to share.