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Hi Jan 2011 ladies! where is everyone?

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20-Sep-11 10:31 am

 Hi!!!!  I still pop in once in a blue moon.  My little man is doing great---he does the army crawl all over the house, but prefers to walk with us holding his hands.  Can't believe how ready he is to do things.  His 3 sisters just adore him.  After starting solids it looks like he has some pretty severe food allergies :(  It appears he can't handle the protein of certain foods (it is called FPIES)  He's such a lovey little thing though, and a TOTAL mama's boy.  We've been trying to put him in the church nursery on monday nights as I enrolled in a bible class, but he screams the whole time.  Hope he outgrows that soon, LOL  Hope everyone is doing well :)