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She is here:-)

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24-May-11 3:44 am

Hi Cloverbear- you were one of the original girls that I was wtaching when I decided to cycle in Bangkok a month or so after you.  It was a BFN in the end but I still talk about this Australian girl who had 7 boys and finally 'got' her girl!  I figured you had given nature a real chance and it was time to give the scientists a go.  I was so thrilled when you got your BFP and it is great to follow you to the end.  There is always your little girl frostie as well- maybe your story has not ended at all!


Congrats to you and your boys- I am sure she will be a real gift to all of you. X


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1st Cycle-October 2010 IVF/ICSI/PGD @ SART - transferred 2 Baby Girl - BFN;        2nd Cycle- January 2011 HRC IVF/ GSN- 13 eggs, 7 fertilsed, 4 to GSN, 3 normal, 1 Baby Girl hatching blast transferred.  BFP on HPT at 6dp5dt.  Beta 1- 11dp5dt: 437 Beta 2- 13dp5dt: 765