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Seems like one step forward and two steps back...

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19-May-11 5:33 pm

So Aislinn has been doing great without needing the extra oxygen, we got rid of all the equipment last week. I took her back to the E.N.T specialist to see if her ears were big enough yet to retest her hearing and found out that there was still fluid in them. So 2 days ago they did surgery to put tubes in her ears, drain the fluid, and retest her hearing. It has seemed like she was hearing almost everything these last several months so we were very hopeful, but it was not true. Aislinn has a 60% hearing loss and needs hearing aids in both ears! I knew this was certainly a possibility but it was devastating none the less. We were told that the average conversation is 60 decibals, she can hear that but it's muffled. The lowest she hears at all is about 50db. I know she will do just fine with hearing aids but I really wish she didn't have to need them. She has been through so much already, I wish just one thing would go like it's supposed to. I'm afraid to find out how much the hearing aids are going to cost as well, even though our insurance will cover up to $1000 per ear. We will get all of that information at our follow-up appt on June 8th. So anyway, that is our latest challenge. I hope everyone is doing well.

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