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1 in 700 risk of DS at 21? Low papp-a.

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14-May-11 5:30 pm
I am currently 28 weeks pregnant and just requested the results from my 12 week ultrasound and bloods to take to my midwife appt. When i received my results i was shocked to see i have a 1 in 700 risk of DS at my age. When i first got the results my old doctor told me i had a 1 in 4000 risk (im not sure if he was reading the right thing). I know 1 in 700 is still low risk, but i feel that is high for my age.

I had the bloods done at 13w 3d my HCG was 1.61 and my PAPP-A was 0.39. I am angry that my old doctor never told me of my true results and that i had a low PAPP-A. I know that can cause other pregnancy problems. I am now worried that our baby may be at risk of having DS. Has anyone else had low PAPP-A which has given them a higher risk of DS?
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6-Jun-11 3:12 pm

hey there i was 16 when i was preg with my daughter & i was at high risk of my baby having DS but when i went up for a scan at 17 weeks they foudn it she didnt have Downs she has gastroschisis (bowels on the outside of the tummy) they still dunno how it happens in the babys but it happens in the babys if they mums r under 25 years old im not preg with my 2nd baby at 19 & this wee one doesnt have gastorschisis or Downs i cant mind the results i got wen i was preg with my 1st tho sorry xx


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9-Jul-11 7:56 am

Hi. My SIL is 24 and had a NT and bloods result of 1-637. She wasnt really happy with her ultrasound as the baby had a nuchal fold of 3.8mm. Although that isnt real high, it is still higher than is liked. 1.5 to 2.4mm is apparently a better reading. She had a Level 2 ultrasound and the specialist suggested she have an amnio. After much concern and thinking, she decided to have it. I went with her and the procedure was basically painless and uncomplicated. 24 hours later the result came back that the baby did not have Downs Syndrome. She does have a chromosonal disorder called triple x. But if a baby has a chromosone problem this is the best one to have. The doctor says she will be a perfectly normal child. She may have some learning and speech problems, but normal chromosoned kids can have that. She is due in 8 weeks and we are looking forward to this little girls arrival. She will be treated no different to any other child and will be so loved by her mum and dad. I'm sure your baby is fine. 1-700 is still a low risk. No matter what tests we have when we are pregnant, none are 100%. You must think about whether you would have risked an amnio with these results. Amnio is 1-200 loss. Your DS chances are 1-700. Good luck with your bub. Good Luck Clover



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