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Who is hoping for a boy?

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30-May-11 11:37 pm


I know I'm July and obviously did not get my blue bundle this time...but I wanted to ask... for those who had 2+ girls and are finally getting boys 1) did you sway and 2)did you think you'd certainly hear girl again? How did it feel when they said boy? 3)Did you do anything different if you didn't sway?

Yes, I swayed all d way, was on the diet for seven months. I just tried to think girl but hope boy, if that makes sense. I was so afraid of getting my hopes up and jinxing it but really always dreaming of hearing boy. When I heard boy for the first time, I almost passed out from excitement, shock, joy, you name it. Even now, I still panic and wouldn't let up till he's finally in my handsHearts.
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