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Gender scan today UPDATE

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6-May-11 1:36 am

IT'S A GIRL Baby Bear Girl !!!!!

I still can't believe it but we saw the 3 lines several times and the tech was sure Happy LMAO 


 Well's my turn to find out.

I have really mixed feelings about it. I already have 3 boys, with 2 different partners and my high tech cycle ended in no transfer because I had no healthy girl embies so if this baby is my 4th boy I can't help feeling that I was probably meant to be the mother of only boys. I swayed hard for months but those 3 pregnancies all ended in miscarriages. Were they girls? I can't help wondering...

DH will be OK with either gender. He had a slight preference for a girl when we did high tech but he quickly got tired of swaying and after the losses he thought we wouldn't be able to have more kids so he is just over the moon happy that I am pregnant with a sticky bean.

My sons want another brother Happy Giggle My 4 year old gets very cross when we say it might be a girl! 

Soooo.... I'm the only one who will be sad and disappointed not to hear Girl. DH and I haven't talked much about my feelings but I think he knows as I insisted we keep this scan secret. We have told family and friends we will find out gender at the 20 week scan end of May. I am feeling guilty about still wanting a girl after all we've been through and I know DH more or less expects me to be fine with whatever because of the miscarriages... 

I know you girls understand that I love my boys and it isn't about them. I will love another boy just the same but I will be forever sad that I didn't get to experience having a daughter. It will also be the end of a very long journey that started in 2008 with my high tech cycle. There will be no more kids so this is my last chance.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

We are bringing our 4 year old to the scan. I didn't want to lie to a friend about where we are going and I also think it might help me to have him there if we hear Boy Happy Wink

For those of you that know me on Facebook, please don't mention anything about the scan there! I will try to update on here as soon as I can but as i don't know how i will feel or what we will do tomorrow I have asked Rosa12 to update you all if i can't get online. The scan is at 11am UK time and I will text her after.

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Due June 5th

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6-May-11 3:32 am

 Good luck Good Luck Clover

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6-May-11 6:26 am

Hi lovely... I messaged you on FB but just wanted to drop in to say another huge GOOD LUCK!!!! Good Luck Clover

I will be stalking like crazy and hoping to hear wonderful pink news Baby Girl... here's my fairy good luck dust

Are you going to post the results on this thread??? Shall I be watching this one? Hearts


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6-May-11 6:32 am

 Hey Aussie! Thank you so much honey Love Ya! I just read your FB msg Happy Wink

Yes, I will update here and if I get stuck outside with the family Rosa12 will update for me Stick out tongue

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6-May-11 6:44 am
Good Luck CloverGL vendela! Sprinkling you with loads of girl dustBaby Bear Girl


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6-May-11 7:32 am

Wishing you all the luck in the world, Girl...  Good Luck Clover  Sounds like a long road. I really hope you hear girl.

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6-May-11 7:57 am

Gooooooooooooooooooooood luck!  Good Luck CloverGood Luck Clover  Hope you hear girl! 


I know exactly how you feel about loving the boys but wanting a girl and what you mean.  I thought I would be fine with either boy or girl because of my one m/c and when the scan got closer, I realized I still did care...a lot!  *big hugs*


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6-May-11 7:57 am
Good luck tomarrow and hope you hear girl!!!

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6-May-11 9:02 am

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6-May-11 9:35 am

Good Luck Clover!

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6-May-11 10:18 am

 Good Luck. 

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6-May-11 10:23 am

Don't feel guilty about still wanting a girl, with my 3rd I went to the ER because I had heavy bleeding and thought it was a miscarriage - it turned out to be a cervical polyp.  I was so thankful the baby was safe but sobbed myself to sleep that it was a boy.  Emotions can be overwhelming - especially when you have tons and tons of pressure from everyone around you asking about the gender.  Your feelings are normal, and it's not a reflection of how grateful you are for a healthy baby.

I'm wishing you all the best tomorrow!!! Can't wait for an update!!! 

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6-May-11 10:35 am
Oh my goodness! Good luck!!!

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6-May-11 10:44 am

 GL hun!!Good Luck CloverHearts

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6-May-11 11:07 am

 Thank you girls! Love Ya! I am SO nervous Confused

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