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Mainstream News Article on Consequences of Cultural Gender Preference

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4-May-11 9:10 am

What is even worse, this has reached America already. I sometimes take a stroll through my local Chinatown and the fact that sex-selective abortion is done there is evident. Little boys far outnumber little girls. A study done 15 years ago in California has already confirmed this. It must be even worse now, with the improvement of ultrasound technology, & private ultrasound offices when they can tell the sex with fair certainty at 12+ weeks.

When I was pregnant they had a policy of not revealing gender at my hospital because it serves the large local Indian/Pakistani community. The technician told me how these women begged her on their knees (literally) "tell me please tell me that I'm having a boy"! And these are often well to do its not like they cannot afford dowry.

Anyway this makes me feel bad for wanting a boy because it puts me in the same company with these nuts ,

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