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My Easter Bunny Has Arrived!

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26-Apr-11 7:24 am
Hi girls, My Easter Bunny has arrived!! She was born on Sunday, April 24 after about 10 hours of labor. Her name is Bennie May. Bennie has a family connection and May is for her angel sister's May birthday. I'm so in love with her! I feel like the luckiest person in the world right now. She has such a sweet little face. We're both doing great but still in the hospital and won't be home for a couple of days. I'm on my phone so I'll update with more details and pictures later. Hugs to all and good luck to the mommies still waiting x.

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26-Apr-11 8:07 am

 YAAAAY! Congrats lovely lady! You sound so happy, much love to you and your beautiful family, cant wait to see her picsHappy  LOLHeartsHearts


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26-Apr-11 12:50 pm

Congrats sweetie!

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26-Apr-11 2:24 pm

Yay congratulations Happy Celebrate

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26-Apr-11 2:40 pm

Congratulations again!  I'm so thrilled for you!

Just praying for a health

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26-Apr-11 2:54 pm

So very happy for you Sindy. Glad all went well and your beautiful little lady is now in your arms.

Massive did it hon!!!!

GL with posting pics, i've been trying for 2 weeks!!


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26-Apr-11 3:02 pm

 Great news!!!! Congrats on your little girl Happy Smile

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26-Apr-11 4:35 pm
Huge congrats on your beautiful baby girl!
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26-Apr-11 5:41 pm


Congrats!!! Can't wait to see photos! What a perfect Easter gift for you!

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26-Apr-11 6:20 pm
Congratulations on your Easter baby! What a blessing!

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26-Apr-11 7:25 pm

Go Team Pink

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26-Apr-11 7:37 pm


Congratulations!!  Bennie May is a beautiful name and the meaning makes it extra special.  You must be so happy right now - enjoy every single moment.  Hearts

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26-Apr-11 8:53 pm
Congrats on your new baby girl!!!

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27-Apr-11 6:08 am

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28-Apr-11 12:28 pm

Congratulations!!!  I cannot wait to see pics. 

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