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So confused, conflicted and sad...


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22-Apr-11 6:26 pm

So yesterday I had my first appt with our midwife, I was 8.3 wks. She did the internal exam and said "Oh yeah there's definitely someone in there" and that my uterus was plenty roomy and I would probably have a big baby.

 When it came time to do the ultrasound her dang machine kept shutting off, she ended up restarting it about 4 times. She then looked and said, "you have an extremely tipped uterus" but she was unable to find the baby or heartbeat. She didn't look alarmed and mentioned that she wanted us to come back in 2 weeks for another ultrasound. BTW she didn't do any blood work (which was odd to me), but did take a urine sample.

Last night, DH and I were discussing it and we decided to have an outside vaginal exam done. When we first got to the sonographer, she did a abdominal ultrasound and we could see the entire gestational sac. She did mention again, that my uterus as "really tipped" but she couldnt see a fetal pole at all. She did a vaginal ultrasound and mentioned that it is probably a blighted ovum and that I might need a D&C. She also mentioned and we saw on the screen that there was "debris" (wtf) in my uterus. I did see things in the sac, but nothing looked like a distinguishable baby....My heart wants this to turn into my baby.

I have heard of instrances where women are diagnosed with blighted ovums and it turns out because their uterus is retrovered/tipped and the baby sometimes is not seen until 15-16wks. I am not sure exacly what to do. I am about 8.4 weeks pregnant and my gestational sac is measuring 8.3 weeks. So pretty much it is measuring right on time.

This is a really bad time because our wedding is in one week and it has completely put a damper on how happy things were. I am so conflicted on whether to try and miscarry naturally, or to have aD&C. My hubby still has hope, but I'm thinking that with a vaginal ultrasound at 8.4 weeks, we should have seen something by now.....

Has this happened to anyone?

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