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Warning - antidepressants and children

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20-Apr-11 11:54 am

I have never done the Strattera, but both my boys are in Intuniv for their ADHD and I have liked that much better than the stimulants.

I am also nevous about bipolar/mood disorder. Dh's sister is bipolar and I know it has a strong genetic component.

The therapy were doing is going to be ABA kids on the autism spectrum often do.....most (if not all) of DS1's struggles are very much in common with what Autism spectrum kids have issues with.

For example:

*  Bike riding, shoe tying

* Talking on the phone

* losing in competition/stacking the odds in his favor
* School - Not trying hard
* Social - Being bossy and controlling
* arguing to get his way/not accepting No as a final answer
* Being aggressive at times
* Fine motor (cutting, penmanship, printing, word spacing)
I think therapy can greatly help with all of the above. We'll see!

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