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Sophie Lila is here!

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9-Apr-11 3:08 am
Sophie Lila, 6th April 2011, 17.36pm, 8lb 11.5oz!! Not the heifferlump I was predicted!! Ok this will be long as its going in the keepsake box so apologies in advance. Also I dont know how to put paragraph spaces in. From 10.30pm I noticed I was having stronger tightenings than usual, approx every 10 minutes. I decided to go to bed as they didn't hurt and thought they would prob just fizzle out overnight. I had made plans for the next day to go shopping with my sister in law so wanted to be rested. Got up and it was a lovely sunny day. Hubby was off work and took the kids to school while I had a lie in. I was happy and relaxed, noticed the tightenings were still happening, but still not painful. My sister in law picked me up and we looked round Dorothy Perkins, tried some clothes etc, went to Mothercare and got a last minute present for DS2 from his baby sister. We were walking across to Next when I felt a much stronger tightening, I leant on a post. It kinda took me by supprise. I was like phew and carried on inside, chose the top I wanted, paid and then walked back to the car, struggling with another one. We picked up hubby and drove to a local pub for sandwiches. Hubby and sister in law were chatting away and I was silent, just timing the tightenings and making a not of them on my phone. I couldnt finish my lunch, they were every 3 minutes and then sometimes every 6. I thought, that's not right for Braxton Hicks, surely they shouldn't be that frequent and making me wince a bit. I said I think we should go to the hospital to be checked out as I have Group B Strep and it was better to be safe than sorry, as I needed the antibiotics. Sister in law drove us home and set off to pick the kids up from school for us. I knew something was happening and phoned the labour ward to tell them I was coming in. Hubby drove us to the hospital, I kept telling him to stay at the speed limit lol. Sod's law all the roads were full of potholes :( We parked and quickly waddled to the labour ward. The first port of call was the assessment room, she looked at me and asked is this really labour? If so I will take you straight through to labour ward. I was like well I dont know! I think so! So she took us straight through to a labour room at abput 2.15pm where a midwife was setting up my antibiotic drip. I thought erm shouldn't someone be examining me just to make sure, I had visions of them saying 1cm this is a false alarm, go home or something! But they got the drip up and ready and asked me if I wanted the Gas & Air. I asked them at this point are you sure, dont you want to examine me. She said ok, I got up on the bed and she said ok ok hmmm you are 5, no 6 cms!! I was like HUH!! I could not believe I had been shopping and at the pub eating lunch half hour before. So this was about 2.30pm I think and thinks kinda get blurry from here. I remember keep asking hubby what the time was. 3.00pm - I said the kids will be coming out of school soon, 3.15pm then kids have finished school etc lol. He was like yeah dont worry. I remember the midwife saying to the student midwife that I was having 4 contractions every 10 minutes. Then she told me the antibiotics had all gone in :) I told her aboput a bet I had on with a friend about the size of the baby...All very random, think I mentioned there was nothng on TV Wed nights too! Hubby didnt really have much to do, I squeezed his hand through the contractions. He stayed up my head end lol. I saw them spread out 'instruments' or something on a trolley and was like erm what are all they for they look very surgical!! Panicking. She assured me they were just standard tubs and scissors and things and they just looked scary as they were stainless steel (looked like a scary steel cheese grater to me, long gone are the bog-standard tupperware containers clearly!). I kept asking if my waters had broken yet, they hadn't. Each contraction was intense, right at the peak of them I was saying I can't do this without some drugs, get me some drugs! Of course they said there was no time etc etc It must have been about 5.25pm and I felt a pop and a warm trickle, waters had broken and then I felt like pushing, 8 minutes and 2 contractions later the head was out and on the 3rd the body was delivered at 5.36pm :D The relief when I felt the head fuly out was amazing! I just kind of 'came too' from my own little world. Hubby told me It's a girl! She wasn't crying at first, but then did. She was placed up on to my chest and wrapped in a towel. Hubby has never been keen on the cord cutting, so they cut the cord and gave me the placenta injection. I had a drip started to make sure I didn't have too much blood loss. I remember it being so very cold through my veins!! About 10 minutes later the midwife eased the placenta away, again, another relief feeling as it plopped out! She showed the student how to check it and commented on having one of the best she'd seen..?? I was like ooh er thanks lol. Hubby had a good old look at it and I was just looking down at my baby!! She cleaned me up and checked for grazes/tears but there was none (still stung though!!). It was all so surreal! I had literally just had a big pregnant tummy and now here is a baby!! Our baby. 3hrs and 26minutes it was according to my notes. Hubby didn't cry, he never does with births, neither did I. Student midwife made us coffee and toast and they left us alone with baby for a while before coming back and helping me up in to the shower room. I was told the post-natal ward was chokka :( So I mentioned paying for the private suite to the midwife, she suggested saving our money and going up to the birthing suite ward, which was only 6 beds. How bad could it be I thought..?! 6 beds is nothing and they weren't all full. So 8pm (I'd missed visiting hours) I get my bed and we just sit staring at her in the crib. She was beautiful. The ward was HOT and I mean hot like I was on holiday again! I was sweltering, no fan by me, or window. My hair dried in about 5 minutes it was that warm. I had missed hot food, so they got me a manky plain egg sandwich and yoghurt, but hey, food is food! As it was the natural birth suite everyone was going home around me just hours after giving birth. I had to stay in overnight so we could be monitored due to the GBStrep. People were actually being discharged at 9pm at night!! Crazy stuff. Well my night was awful. Sophie woke up when the other 2 babies woke up. One lady was farting and burping and snoring all night and the other was crying hysterically on her mobile to her husband :-/ that with the heat and missing hubby & the boys I just wanted to go home. The first pee stung so much! My back still really ached so I was waddling like an old lady to the bathroom. I have to say I was impressed with how clean it all was and how lovely the staff were. They offered me pain relief as the after pains kicked in and I was in pain, constantly pouring me drinks of water and cooing over Sophie. I managed to sleep from 5am - 7am, had some toast, had feeding time and then play time lol. Took lots of pictures. The Bounty lady and the Peadeatrician were round by 9am, and the staff did my discharge papers ready. The sun was out and it was HOT still! Even after a shower I felt all sticky again :( Hubby came up about 10.30, he'd taken the kids to school. They were very excited to meet their baby sister and asked for the day off!! Any excuse to get out of doing his comprehension for DS1! Sophie had her BCG injection about 12noon and we went home! After school the kids came running in to meet Sophie and were great with her. They were gently stroking her cheek and said welcome to our house. They had made her little cards and put them in her crib the night before! I gave them a present from 'Baby sister' which went down well :D Blood loss has slowed right down. The after pains are worse than last time, but I am managing on paracetamol. It's still so very surreal. We have had lots of excited visitors, cards, toys etc. So thats it, a mamouth tale! I am defo saying we are done now!! Why do they ask you about contraception after just having a baby LOL??? Good luck to all those labours coming, can't wait to read your birth stories! xx
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Married to my childhood sweetheart with 2 gorgeous boys and a beautiful baby girl! Thankyou IG...Our family is complete! Joshua 2003 Charlie 2007 Sophie Lila ~ April 4th 2011 ~ 8lb 11.5oz

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9-Apr-11 3:10 am
And one more
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Married to my childhood sweetheart with 2 gorgeous boys and a beautiful baby girl! Thankyou IG...Our family is complete! Joshua 2003 Charlie 2007 Sophie Lila ~ April 4th 2011 ~ 8lb 11.5oz

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9-Apr-11 5:59 am

Congrats to you and your family! She is beautiful! Enjoy- It goes by way to fast!

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9-Apr-11 7:23 am
Aw hon she's a cutie!! Congrats!! What an amazing feeling that must be!! Makes me realise us May Mummies aren't too far away now! Enjoy her Hearts

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9-Apr-11 7:57 am

Congrats on your baby girl. She's adorable. Hearts

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9-Apr-11 9:43 am

she's a doll! I loved reading your story.. thanks for sharing.... Enjoy her as much as possible!



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9-Apr-11 11:38 am

CONGRATULATIONS Gemma on your beautiful baby girl...she is Gorgeous!!!!!!!

So glad she wasn't as large as they predicted and LOVE the BS.


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9-Apr-11 4:38 pm

Congratulations on your daughter!  She is beautiful!!!  I know you are thrilled to finally have her in your arms!

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10-Apr-11 3:44 am

She is adorableHearts CongratulationsBaby Bear Girl

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10-Apr-11 6:05 pm
 Congrats to you hun! She's beautiful! She may seem big to you but looks small to me lol 
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10-Apr-11 8:20 pm

 She is adorable!!! Congrats Love Ya!

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11-Apr-11 2:09 am
CONGRATULATIONS!! She's adorable! Hearts

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13-Apr-11 5:09 am

 HONEY! I'm so sorry I didn't see this, I only twigged when I saw your comment on Willows post-Congrats!! She is lush, well done, enjoy your beautiful girl xxxHeart

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19-May-11 7:15 pm

Gemsie how is your little cutie doing???? We just had a weight check and Livy is now 12lbs. even at 6 weeks old. 

Anyone else's baby even close to that yet?? lol

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30-May-11 3:02 pm
Hey Azure, I only just saw this now! LOL Sophie was 10lb at 4 weeks so guessing she is prob about 11lbs now, she is chunking up and looking way different sometimes! I will be getting her weighed Wed so shall update. She defo not looking like a newborn now! However, she is still in some newborn (up to 10lb) clothes/sleepsuits but some things she is too long for. She was 56.5cm at birth but they don't ever measure height again over here :( xxx
Married to my childhood sweetheart with 2 gorgeous boys and a beautiful baby girl! Thankyou IG...Our family is complete! Joshua 2003 Charlie 2007 Sophie Lila ~ April 4th 2011 ~ 8lb 11.5oz
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