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Azuremyst, can't wait to hear your update!!

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7-Apr-11 4:35 pm

Just read your news honey!! Can't wait to hear from you Love Ya!



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7-Apr-11 10:50 pm

Oh she had her baby girl?! I was wondering why I hadn't seen her posting since she usually does often. Congrats if so!!! Happy

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Just praying for a health

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8-Apr-11 5:36 am

Congratulations Azuremyst!!! What a big girl....can't wait for all the details.


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8-Apr-11 7:28 am

Congrats glad to hear you and baby are doing well Happy Celebrate



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8-Apr-11 11:48 am
Congratulations!! Can't wait to see a picture!!

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9-Apr-11 3:30 am
Me too! Hope you are both well xxx
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