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help w/girls name!!!!

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3-Apr-11 3:03 pm

Hey everyone! I just found out I'm having a little girl in september :)  My dh and i cannot agree on a name at all, he has pretty much nixed some of my favorites, two of the names we can agree on are Samantha and Olivia...i'm not sure which one I like better.  If I went with Samantha I would prob call her "sam" or "Sammi" for short, and if I went with Olivia I would prob nickname her "liv"

 I think the middle name will be rose...

 So what sounds better..

Samantha Rose

Olivia Rose




neither...any other ideas of names?!?!?!


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3-Apr-11 3:08 pm

 I have always LOVED OliviaHeart

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3-Apr-11 3:10 pm


 I have always LOVED OliviaHeart

i love it too! i'm just worried it's so popular but I guess that shouldn't matter if I really like the name :)  My dh has a very long last name so I was thinking Samantha might be kinda long with his last name because his last name has 8 letters in it.  ughhh this naming thing is hard!

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26-Apr-11 2:53 am

I like Samantha Rose! My son has 2 Olivia's in his JK class. It's very trendy right now.


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26-Apr-11 3:24 am


Hmmmm ... I am  no help because I like them both!  I probably prefer Olivia Rose slightly more ... but agree that I know quite a few Olivia's at the moment.  But I don't think that is a reason not to name DD a name that you love.  Congrats on your little girl.  Hearts

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4-May-11 5:37 pm

I considered Samantha for this one too before my DH nixed it, but I ADORE Sam on a little girl... My BFF has an Olivia nn Livvy and it's cute but very popular.. as far as Rose goes, are you set in stone for that as a middle name? I just ask because Rose and Grace seem to be "fall back" middle names, like my middle name of Lynn was back in the day.

But I definatly pick Samantha!!

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28-May-11 8:18 am

You must be aware that all names are very trendy right now. Olivia #4 on the national ranking and Samantha #15.

I would go for Samantha Rose and call her Sam Hearts

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