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boy or girl??

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3-Apr-11 12:47 pm

 hi everybody!


could someone tell me of this is a boy or a girl?

 this one is with 11 weeks and 5 days

and this is with exactly 12 weeks



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3-Apr-11 3:39 pm


 anyone want to do a guess?

thanks for looking


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3-Apr-11 4:11 pm

90% sure it's a girl!  Enjoy!

You can call me Al

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3-Apr-11 5:30 pm

Baby Bear Girl


Due June 5th

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4-Apr-11 12:32 am

 Baby Bear Girl

 Baby Boy04Baby Boy07Baby Boy09 Heartbroken10  Baby Girl 28th of April 35+3 weeks Heartbroken Baby Girl June 13 Baby #5 due June 5th

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4-Apr-11 2:27 am

thanks a lot for looking and you're answer! :D


so my pink bottle wont be a waist :P

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