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Three Dots in Triangle?? Coldwater/Any tech Opinions Please!!

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3-Apr-11 10:02 am

Hi, I had an elective ultrasound at a little place at exactly 15 weeks on the dot.  They said it is a boy, and although I would be perfectly happy with another baby boy as I only hope to have a healthy baby, I am having doubts.. The three dots looks drastically different from my sons ultrasound where I clearly saw a defined penis, and I just have this gut feeling it is a girl.. I didnt know if because it was early that is why there is still a protrusion and it could be a girl or if anyone has seen one like this that turned out to be a girl later on- or if that is a boy and I am safe to start planning telling people? All Opinions Please!!!?


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3-Apr-11 1:22 pm

Looks boy to me!  Congrats!

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3-Apr-11 1:28 pm

It really looks like a boy. Baby Bear Boy The dots are just from the way the u/s beam is reflecting, and the baby is still so small right now that it's not unusual for the parts not to look as defined. I'll be very surprised if you hear a different answer later on.

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3-Apr-11 1:31 pm

Baby Bear Boy

Baby GirlBaby BoyBaby BoyBaby BoyBaby Boy

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3-Apr-11 3:27 pm

Baby Bear Boy

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3-Apr-11 4:16 pm

Boy! Enjoy!

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3-Apr-11 4:20 pm

 hi looks like a Baby Bear Boy to me x

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3-Apr-11 4:56 pm

I think it's a boy too...


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4-Apr-11 2:13 am

Sorry but it definately looks like a boy to me as well.

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