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What are people thinking?

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31-Mar-11 1:26 pm
I am expecting DD3 and yes was very disappointed at first because I just knew it was a boy. God has given me the grace and strength to get through the GD but still have little "flare ups" especially when people make comments. For example the comments kept coming at me this weekend....I was at a baby shower and after telling I was having another girl (this is the only question people care about) I was patted on the shoulder and told " I'm so sorry". My response was " no we love our girls....we are very happy! " Why do people think it is ok to say things like that out loud?!? Then from another woman I got an " oh no". Then the very next day the woman at the checkout looked at my prego belly and my other two sitting in the cart and said " is this another girl?" after I responded " yes" she shook her head and said "well are you done now?". I was shocked! Just because it is another DD I should be done? I shouldn't try again and even chance bringing another girl into the world? Just wondering if moms of all boys get the same comments as moms of all girls? I'm am convinced you shouldn't find out the sex of the baby til delivery to avoid all of the harassment! I know that God has a perfect plan for my life and He knows what is best for me. I am crazy about my dd 1&2 I know this one will be just as amazing. This verse has helped me tremendously : Psalm 3: But thou, oh Lord, art a shield for me, my glory and the lifter of my head"

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31-Mar-11 1:46 pm
Crazy, isn't it? I swear, at least half of my GD came from the outside. You sound like you have your responses to those comments down well. Sheesh! Hang in there, blessed, and enjoy your pregnancy and your amazing baby.


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31-Mar-11 2:23 pm

wait til you have 4 girls in the mall and someone shouts, "hope your cooking a boy you poor thing!" i have the same trouble, people ask when of if we are going to stop, why can't my husband make a boy? do i have enough girls yet? some people are just rude and mean. try to ignore them, i know its easier said then done. hugs

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31-Mar-11 3:26 pm

I get that same crap all the time, except I have 3 boys. It's like people figure if you had a boy then didn't get a girl you should quit because I guess having more of the same gender is pointless?

I really honestly think it's the comments I get that make the GD worse, it's just constant, I can't go anywhere with the kids - especially now with 3 boys and one on the way without people saying something about it!

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31-Mar-11 5:25 pm


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31-Mar-11 5:30 pm

oh, yes. As a mom to 3 boys before my DD, I would get comments like that all the time. How rude and annoying. And what kind of annoys me NOW is that I have a DD and people say "Oh, you got your girl so you must be done." Anyway, I wish people would think before they speak. Mad Furious

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31-Mar-11 5:52 pm

I'm so sorry people can be so rude Doh!

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31-Mar-11 6:38 pm

It's funny because right now I'm expecting girl #2 and had GD both times. And everyone just says "oh well you can always try again, you're still young"....but i swear to you, if this was girl #3  I was expecting they would say all the really negitive things about "poor thing" and so on....I just dont get it. Just because THEY think having two is plenty doesn't mean that I do!

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31-Mar-11 7:36 pm doesnt end after you have your DG...Then you become some freak show that ppl oogle because you have so many kids....If I had a $ for everytime I heard"Oh you finally had your must be done!" I would be a millionaire....

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1-Apr-11 10:35 am

Some people really never stop to think about how the comments they make could actually affect others...

I have two little girls & am currently TTC #3, & am hoping for a little boy, either way this will be my last baby, it has nothing to do with the gender making it be the last...we just decided this is where we need to stop. Some people have 5 or 6 of the same gender, I watched a show the other day of a mom that had 8, yes 8 boys, no girls. But they were still trying for a girl. People say a lot of things that its hard to do but sometimes we just have to over look, but it would really bother me too. And its sad that people automatically assume you're disappointed/upset because youre having another girl.

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1-Apr-11 11:06 am

When I was pregnant with DD3 I got the comments too, but what bothered me most were the comments DH would get from others, someone actually said they feel sorry for him and I was livid but DH is so cool he didn't let stuff like that bother him, I don't know what possesses some people to say the things they do, I actually think they don't see a problem with what they say

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