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8 Year Old Punching Himself in Head

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29-Apr-11 11:42 am

He's doing much better, thanks.  No more self-punching, thank God.  We do love the Intuniv and have even added a low dose (2mg) of long-lasting stimulant (Adderall) to add some extra oomph.  If we go any higher with the stimulant he gets throat and tongue ticks.  If your children are still a little lacking in their focus, try adding a small dose of stimulant.  We haven't experienced any rebound and it's helped a lot with reducing his weight gain.  Almost like their side effects are canceling each other out.  The FDA approved stimulants with Intuniv on Feb. 28th.  You may want to ask your doctor about it.  It's made a great difference for us.  :)  Oh, and we're loving the sleeping as well.  He actually gets up before anyone else now and gets himself ready!  Intuniv is like a miracle drug...just wish it was cheaper.

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